Aurora Engine

Harpist, Pianist, Songwriter, Electronic Composer

Aurora Engine is a harpist singer songwriter / electronic musician  living and working in Leith,  Edinburgh. She is also a pianist, composer and musical gadget enthusiast. Originally from County Durham she sings in her dialect, (something between Geordie and Pit Yacker). Live performances bring harps, loops, effect pedals, vocals and synths, woven together to create ethereal sounds. Lyrics can be heartfelt or comic, music can be multi-layered or simply a voice and a harp. 

WIth over 100 songs, some in her head, some in the cupboard at home and some general release, there's lots to cast your ears over. Continually writing and rewriting, always on the lookout for new musical adventures.  

Personally she loves the north, steam trains and the stars. Doesn't everyone? 


Photographer: Meow Studios